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we hope you find something you like. It’s our mission to show you some amazing science fiction and science fact in order to spark your imagination and even inspire a day dream or two.

We would love if you spent a bit of time exploring the big galaxy out there as well as galaxies created by some of the best minds in humans history, we will bring you amazing video content from Youtube’s Alien Spaceship Channel and some great image’s from our tumblr, Pinterest social sites.
What is Alien Spaceship?

A man on a mission to explore the far reach’s of space and time and figure out what might be or will be out there for us as individuals and as a species, I think the best question is what’s all this leading to?

Let’s find out together as I will use every tool at my disposal to bring this journey to life for the best possible delivery to you, we have all I believed looked up at the stars in the sky at night and thought about what’s out there, so let’s go and find out a little about that amazing sky at night.

Not at all, Look at some of the amazing works that have came out of science fiction the amazing stories and galaxies that have been created and shown to us, we aim to include these in our journey through the stars and imaginings of some truly impressive mind’s.

The work’s of Frank Herbert’s Dune, not only a truly impressive selection of worlds but entire civilisations giving a glimpse of what the future may hold, or James Cameron’s impressive world of Pandora brought to life in the Avatar movie, spectacular species and a truly impressive world and personally the Dune series book’s were so amazing in creating a vision of the galaxy.